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Hassle-free payments. Innovative payment options for your buyers. Send invoices and settlements online.


Discover new customers and get smart recommendations to help you grow with the right retailers.

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Chat through text or video in real-time. Auto-order forms and shipment tracking speed up the order process.


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Reach new customers and increase sales to existing ones by leveraging our nation-wide network of retailers and using our analytical tools to increase transaction size.

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Quick onboarding with integrations to your existing e-commerce websites and inventory software. Hassle-free order management and payment tracking.

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Our story

As employees and business partners to multiple brands and organizations, we have seen the challenges and opportunities of wholesale and retail very closely.


We get that retail is personal. Often, the neighbourhood shop is an integral part of a community. Wholesale is about relationships more than transactions. It’s about people meeting over coffee, sharing stories and opportunities, and discovering products just right for their customers.


At Andisor, we aim to unlock ways for retailers to collaborate with their suppliers, plan their business better and build thriving, sustainable businesses.


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